How to get your ass out of bed!

And no… it has nothing to do with coffee.


We’ve all been there –  that moment when your alarm goes off at 5.30AM and decides to ruin your perfect dream. The one where you are intensely making out with Chris Hemsworth whilst running your fingers through his golden locks to suddenly realise that “awww sheeit, its already morning”… and Chris Hemsworth is married. Bummer.

Anywhooo, whatever it is that you dream – the truth is that most of us find it hard to get up on outta bed in the morning and actually do something productive! That is why I have decided to let you in on my top 7 tips (THAT ACTUALLY WORK) of how to get that ass on up.

Believe it or not I was never a morning person. The only time I woke up willingly and sprung out of bed was if i had an early flight. Nowadays a lot has changed and I actually look forward to my mornings which makes my overall day freakin awesome. So without further ado – My top 7 tips for letting go of the Snooze and making shit happen.


1.THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE – Do something you love right upon waking! Remember Christmas? We used to get so excited the night before as we awaited for Santa to arrive. You could barely sleep as the adrenelline pumped through your tiny child body. Well this is the same. Now you are an adult and everyday should be Christmas so do something that you love straight upon waking. One of the things I recommend is listening to some tunes, exercising, having a super yummy breakfast or even something simple like playing with your dog. If it makes you smile, it is worthwhile getting up for!

2. GRATITUDE- Realise that although all you are thinking about is snoozing – other people on the earth will have their last breath today. So make the most of your day and be grateful that it is here.

3. SUCCESSFUL SALLY – Fun Fact of the day – 78% of successful people all wake up early. Why? Because the morning is the best time to get stuff done, your mind is clear from clutter and you have a whole new slate to start over with. Whatever your goals and dreams are, the morning is the best time to get them going so allow that to be your motivation to get up and rolling!

4. MAKE A BET- Who doesn’t love a good ol bet! Make a bet with your mum, friend, colleague or guinea pig THAT you endeavour to wake up each morning at (fill in blank ) time, and if you do not they will hold you to it! Do you really want to lose $5 just for being lazy? I think not.

5. HYDRATION STATION – Okay so this one won’t particularly make you want to leap out of bed in the morning but it sure does help keep those eyes open once you do! Our body looses water while we sleep so we often wake up feeling sluggish, what better way to fix that shitty tired feeling than to HYDRATE! Make it your mission to skull some water first thing as you awake and watch as it becomes easier to actually stay awake.


6. OMMMMMMMMM – We all want to feel good, especially in the morning, and there’s no better way to do so than to get some good deep breaths in! As you wake up, sit up on your bed – focus on one point and just take some deep breaths – not only will this help unclog your snotty nose but it will also help you connect to the al mighty universe (insert hum sound) . Make sure that you do this sitting though otherwise if you are like me, you will drift back into sleep and that is the opposite of what we are tryna do here.

7. REMOVE THE SNOOZE – Oh no… I said it. GET RID OF THE FREAKIN SNOOZE BUTTON ONCE AND FOR ALL!!! The snooze button is like a bitchy friend who always tells you that you look great but then goes behind your back and tries to make you look bad. That is how the snooze works. It makes you think that you are going to get a bit of extra sleepies (woooo) but in reality all it is doing is making your brain confused, beginning another sleep realm and waking up the second, third or 11th time even more tired than the first. Do yourself a favour and treat the Snooze like your worst enemy!


So there you have it – top 7 tips to help you get that ass outta bed.

If you have any comments or tips feel free to add in the comment section below


Haha, much love on your journey to happiness <3


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