90 Affirmations that changed my life

I have been using affirmations for a few years now. When I first started using them I was skeptical, like anyone else I didn’t truly believe that my words would have such an effect on how my life turned out to be.

After doing some extensive reading on pretty much every Louise Hay book as well as many other spiritual teachers, I came to realise that my thoughts, emotions and actions had a tremendous power over what manifested into my life.

“What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you become.”

– Buddah

I began using affirmations which at the time seemed to be untrue, they left a weird “you are full of s*it, who are you kidding? “ feeling in my belly. I kept at it though, and after a few months things began to change. I began to love myself more, I attracted different people into my life, my job changed, my outlook on life changed, I became more confident and radiant in my being, my overall health changed dramatically for the better… everything was snowballing and I was becoming more and more powerful within myself.

Today I want to share with you guys some of the “I AM” affirmations that I’ve been using. I usually try to repeat these once a day aloud either in the morning or before I go to sleep. Its better if you can say them often during the day or even write them down in post it notes and spread them all across your home and office. The more you see them, speak them and feel them, the more true they will become for you.

I AM Balanced
I AM Beautiful
I AM Wonderful
I AM Amazing
I AM Strong
I AM Passionate
I AM Magical
I AM Flexible
I AM Calm
I AM Understanding
I AM Successful
I AM Rich
I AM Invincible
I AM Healthy
I AM Peaceful
I AM Loved
I AM Wealthy
I AM Fit
I AM Incredible
I AM Compassionate
I AM Growing
I AM Capable
I AM Motivated
I AM Confident
I AM Inspiring
I AM Connected
I AM Guided
I AM Grateful
I AM Fun
I AM Joyful
I AM Inspired
I AM Mighty
I AM Happy
I AM Excited
I AM Energetic
I AM Brilliant
I AM Committed
I AM Intelligent
I AM Good
I AM Well
I AM Patient
I AM Infinite
I AM Light
I AM Endless
I AM Radiant
I AM Abundant
I AM Knowledgable
I AM Open
I AM Receptive
I AM flowing
I AM Skillfull
I AM Independent
I AM Loyal
I AM Joyous
I AM Thankful
I AM Engaged
I AM Powerful
I AM Receiving
I AM Loving
I AM Courageous
I AM Brave
I AM Endearing
I AM Honest
I AM Consciousness
I AM Giving
I AM Awesome
 I AM Worthy
I AM Abundant
I AM Prosperous
I AM Gifted
I AM Fabulous
I AM Grounded
I AM Respected
I AM Free
I AM Learning
I AM Enough
I AM Fearless
I AM Centred
I AM Safe
I AM Love
I AM Secure
I AM Wise
I AM Creative
I AM Harmonious
I AM Relaxed
I AM Charasmatic
I AM Attractive
I AM Ecstatic
I AM Magnificent
I AM That I AM.

Tip: It’s important to always use affirmations in the present sense otherwise if you say for example: “I will be amazing” – your brain sees this as if its happening in the future and will not actualise it as it being here and now. The more you say these affirmations the more your subconscious mind will start to believe them hence changing your outward life.

Remember your outer self is a reflection of your inner self. What you feel inside will manifest itself outward. Stay kind to yourself and never forget who you are. You are pure love & light made from the same stuff as the stars <3

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