Ever tried Jamaican Guineps?

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The first fruit I had when I visited Jamaica was a Guinep, a small round green fruit that has to be cracked with your teeth to reveal its jelly-like goodness, which has to be sucked avoiding its seed, in the center. Guineps are a tropical fruit. In Trinidad, they are called Chenette, in Grenada, Skin ups and in Barbados, Ackee.

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Its jelly, although it is yellow-ish, surrounds a thick seed that makes it leave a dark brown stain in most clothes, in fact, it used to be a used by the native tribes to dye pieces of cloth since it is extremely difficult to remove. But, if acted quickly, by pressing down with cold water or an ice cube, the stain should lift.

It is a very popular fruit and it is delicious, kind of tangy, but very fresh and juicy.

Guineps provide many benefits for our health but have to be eaten with cautious. If unripe, they have toxins that can lead to what is called a “Vomiting Sickness”, from a one-time event to a serious sickness requiring hospitalization. Also, children have to be careful, since the seeds, depending on their size, can be a choking hazard.

But let’s focus on the great aspects of the fruit, and the benefits it can provide to our body. It has Tryptophan to help rest and sleep better. I has iron, fiber, protein, calcium, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and C, phosphorus, antioxidants, amino acid (heals herpes) and very low calories.

Its leaves can be boiled for tea, to improve stomachal issues. And the fresh leaves attract fleas, so is spread out in an infested area, can be a flea remedy.

Also, the seeds can be roasted, crushed, mixed with honey and eaten. and if minced, it can be a substitute for cassava flour.

Don’t miss the opportunity to try this rich and awesome fruit if you are visiting Jamaica or other islands in the Caribbean. It is very tasty and beneficial. Enjoy!

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