Ever tried Jamaican Guineps?

Blog post by @thewiseexplorer The first fruit I had when I visited Jamaica was a Guinep, a small round green fruit that has to be cracked with your teeth to reveal its jelly-like goodness, which has to be sucked avoiding its seed, in the center. Guineps are a tropical fruit. In Trinidad, they are called Chenette,... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons YOU should go Vegan!

Ahhhh... Vegan. That word in itself brings about so much conflict, miss information and tabooness. What even is Veganism and why should you avogo at it? Ah, see what I did there 😉 Veganism is putting it bluntly - you just don't eat, use, wear, or sniff any animal products or things made of animals! Simples. So WHY... Continue Reading →

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